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ADU Design

ADU Design Los Angeles

Are you considering building a new custom ADU space on your property? You’re not alone! We’ve got experience doing this for dozens of property owners in the Los Angeles area just like you! Ruth Design LA has the expertise to build you an ADU space that will be perfect for your Home. An ADU might be just what you need to generate additional rental income!

What is an ADU?

An ADU is also known as an accessory dwelling unit. An ADU is a residential unit smaller than an average single-family home. ADUs have become a very popular trend in the last few years to diversify a household income and practical provide housing for renters in the LA area. The ADU can range from being a second house from the main house to being a basement of the main house.

Although typically built on multifamily homes, there are some restrictions on its use set by the Planning Department. Some residential neighborhoods have adopted restrictions limiting or prohibiting ADUs, but others have encouraged them for their affordability, livability, and sustainability.

Benefits of ADUs

There are many reasons to create an ADU, including the following:

ADUs are a great way to create a little extra space in your home, expand your living space, or have a guest bedroom. ADUs are a great way to add another wing or floor to your home. Maybe you need a little more bedroom space for your growing family or more living area while you wait to move to the suburbs.

ADUs are a cost-effective way to increase the value of your home. ADUs are especially important for those who live in an expensive or tightly-packed city, as they’re an affordable way to increase the value of your home. Also, ADUs lessen the load on your home’s power and water needs.

You can live in the ADU and rent the rest of the house, generating extra income. For instance, existing homeowners can convert their garage into an ADU to rent out for income. ADUs also allow you to live in the ADU while renting out the rest of the property.

ADU Laws and Regulations

Building an ADU can seem complex at times. However, by understanding the regulations and getting your project approved, you can keep your project in line and build a sturdy addition to your home. Starting January 1, 2020, it became easier to build and legalize ADUs.

What local laws and regulations affect you?

Municipalities vary, which is why it’s important to know the specifics of your area. Ruth Design LA will walk with you through these things so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Types of ADUs

There are three categories of ADUs, detached, attached ADU, and Conversion ADU.

  1. A detached ADU can be built as an independent structure on a lot or as a unit within a garage with several units. They are usually accessed by an exterior door that leads to a small foyer, then through an interior door to the living space. This option has the greatest flexibility in terms of zoning, but an ADU must be at least 50-feet away from the nearest front or rear lot line. Detached ADUs can be suitable for families that want to move out to a suburban community and still be close to an urban job setting.
  2. An attached ADU is as a unit as part of a primary house. In most cases, homeowners set up attached ADUs to eliminate any drawback between the primary house and granny flat while maximizing their lot coverage. The attached ADUs are usually accessed by a side door that opens onto the main house’s living space. This design allows homeowners to add an ADU without a costly home modification in many jurisdictions.
  3. A conversion ADU is a unit as part of a primary house and is converted from a legal room for non-habitability. This type of ADU is part of the original house structure. They are usually on the lower level of the house and are built with a separate outside entrance.

ADU Design

Roscoe St. ADU Design

Interior Roscoe ADU


Interior Roscoe ADU 1-min


Interior Roscoe ADU -min


Interior- Roscoe ADU -min


Roscoe ADU - Exterior -min


ADU Design
& Remodel

3666 4th Ave.

3 - 2nd unit and ADU - Before - 3664 4th Project - Ruth Design LA-min


Neglected rear property.

1 - BEFORE - 2nd Unit and Main house - 3664 4th Ave Project - Ruth Design LA-min


View from side, both 2nd unit and main house

2 - BEFORE - ADU and Driveway - 3664 4th Ave ADU and Remodel Project - Ruth Design LA-min


Driveway and rear ADU

Exterior - ADU Addution and Renovation - 3664 4th Ave Project - Ruth Design LA-min


New ADU Redesign and build.

2nd unit restoration - AFTER - Front porch - 3664 4th Ave Project - Ruth Design LA-min


Redesigned entrance and new porch.

6 - ADU Design and Renovation - 3664 4th Ave - Ruth Design LA-min


Renovated ADU rear and storage - Driveway view.

view from the alley, driveway renovation - 3664 4th Ave-min


Completed ADU Redesign - View from driveway

New driveway - 3664 4th Ave-min


Completed rear driveway and parking

New Detached ADU Design & Build

19949 Calvert St.

1 - 19949 Calvert St - ADU Floor Plan - Ruth Design LA-min


New detached ADU Design. 550 sqft. of space and new space-saving tankless water-heater.

2 - 19949 Calvert St - entry-min


Entrance framework buildout.

3 - 19949 Calvert St - bedroom-min


Bedroom framework buildout.

4 - 19949 calvert st - 8-min


5 - 19949 calvert st progress1-min


6 - view from street - 19949 calvert st-min


7 - 19949 Cavert ST final adu-min


Completed ADU Redesign

8 - final - 19949 calvert st-min


Completed ADU design

How to get started

There are several questions you want to ask yourself before building an ADU. What type of zoning do I live in? Can I get a building permit? Can I get a permit for adding this? How much will the permit cost? Do I want to live in this unit? Check here to get a more comprehensive guide to building ADUs in LA.

If you’re looking to build an ADU on your property in the Los Angeles area, then Ruth Design LA can help answer these and more questions. We provide full-service care and thoughtful design for our clients’ needs. Our mission is to create beautiful spaces by designing and building your accessory dwelling unit with full-service care and consideration. So go ahead and call for a free estimate or fill out our contact form!

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Let’s chat. Get in touch by filling in your info below, or give us a call at (818) 825-5988. It’s important to make the right assessment for your project to ensure things can go off without a hitch. Thats why we start with the facts. Researching city build codes and permit requirements is done in the first step toward building the space you desire. Get in touch today!

Garage ADU Conversion

4167 Fair Ave.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Neglected detached 2-car garage property in need of an update. Owner requested conversion to ADU unit for maximum return on investment.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Complete home redesign and build.

french doors to match the house - 3664 4th Ave


Completed exterior. Added french doors to match main house.

9 - Modern Bathroom Remodel - 3664 4th Ave-min

Modern Bathroom

Bathroom added for modern touch complete with cabinets and countertops.

4167 Fair Ave

Modern Floor Plan

One bedroom with large open floor plan. Designed to look bigger and brighter with vaulted ceilings, large openings, and light colors for kitchen cabinets.

4167 Fair Ave one large open space

Modern Appliances

Large open floor plan with modern appliances and light colored flooring.