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Enhance your property value
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ADU Design
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Enhance your property value
Ruth Design 
ADU Design
Home Addition
Planning & Permits
Design & Build
Home Renovation

Los Angeles ADU Design & Remodeling

At Ruth Design, we are committed to helping YOU bring your DREAM home project to LIFE by building trust and providing quality design and customer service from start to finish…

When you are thinking about adding an addition to your home, considering working with expert designer Ruth Aulker to get the results you desire. Home additions, ADU design, remodeling jobs, and interior design all work together to make your home an even lovelier place to live. When you put your trust in Ruth Design, we listen to your desires and strategize to ensure that your big reveal will thrill you. Starting from the design phase, obtaining city permits to contracting with our budget friendly builders, we work with you step-by-step and to create the type of space you dream of. Our collaborative team of design, engineering and construction experts comes together to make it all happen for you under one umbrella. 

Our vision is to help create lovely dwellings all around the world, one project at a time…

Meet Ruth Aulker

Principal Design Consultant

Ruth Design has held a long and strong background of assessing the needs of our customers in both design and decor of their homes. With services ranging from researching, consulting, planning, and designing, we provide you with all the necessary preparations and permits required to execute your plans and ideas.

We also provide consultation in interior color and furniture organization/layout. Ruth Design highly specializes in beautification and renovation of your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Our company provides highly quality services. Ruth Design strives to provide the best for its customers. We promise to provide you with the pleasant and efficient services you desire that are still within your budget limit. We look forward to doing business with you in the upcoming future.

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Design & Remodeling Services

Design & Planning

Ruth Design works closely with you on designing your dream home from start to finish. Other firms may only provide you with one aspect of planning, leaving you in a sea of confusion when it comes to dealing with Los Angeles and building permits. 

Thats why we take care of all of the logistics involved, meaning you rest knowing that our design expertise and our experience obtaining the right city permits will ensure your project goes off without a hitch. In short- we are home design problem solvers!

Home Renovation Design 

A room addition or complete home renovation is one of the easiest ways to add spice to your home. Ruth Design helps you add a room or two and expand the square footage of the house, ensuring that your family is comfortable. Renovations also instantly increase the value of your home, providing curb appeal that will leave your visitors in awe.

When you work with Ruth Design, we provide design you can enjoy, adding windows, increasing natural light, and updating amenities that will make your home even more fun to live in. 

ADU Design & Build

It is now easier than ever before for California homeowners to add ADUs to their properties. Ruth Design creates ADUs that help homeowners create rental units, guest houses, home offices, housing for family, and more.

When you work with our expert designer, you’ll be provided with transparency in regards to the actual costs of projects like yours—real ADU projects in Los Angeles. Our extensive knowledge of ADUs ensures you start with an accurate, detailed design proposal. 

Home Addition & Renovation

Thinking of adding on to your home? A room or home addition is one of the quickest ways to expand the space in your house. You might be thinking of adding a room or two, or expanding the square footage of overall home to ensure that your family is comfortable. Ruth Design makes it painless to achieve the expansion you need with a design to loved in for ages. 

We help you instantly increase the value of the home and get the curb appeal you desire, one that might your visitors awestruck.

We help you adapt your home to meet your changing family needs or simply add windows for more natural light, or amenities that make a house into a home. Get started with a quote today!

ADU Design & Consulting

If you live in the Los Angeles area, there has been no greater time than now to add an accessory dwelling unit to your property. When you add square footage to your home with an ADU, you add value and create an additional source of income should you choose to rent your space out. 

In the event you decide to sell your home afterward, you add a premium to your property that is desired by many whom invest in real estate. We help you design and build a beautiful, modern space that you can rent to tenants, creating renewing income for years. By expanding your square footage, you make it feasible to add additional tenants comfortably.

Even though California is more ADU friendly than ever, major construction projects still come with a huge risk. Thats why you can rely on Ruth Design to work with you from start to finish to bring your ADU dreams to life! Get started with a design quote today

Do you have an idea for your home?

Let’s chat. Get in touch by filling in your info below, or give us a call at (818) 825-5988. It’s important to make the right assessment for your project to ensure things can go off without a hitch. Thats why we start with the facts. Researching city build codes and permit requirements is done in the first step toward building the space you desire. Get in touch today!

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“Been considering doing an ADU conversion on our property. Found Ruth from an online referral off of Nextdoor. I found a few posts with her named mentioned in regards to ADU’s. Without doing much further research, I took a leap of faith and contacted her and asked for a meeting. She came out and met me within a day and I hired her on the spot. 
Besides the good recommendations, I had a good gut feeling about her. Well, gut feelings aren’t over rated. She was everything everyone said about her and then some. She bent over backwards to get designs/plans done for our property and managed to work through current Covid-19 pandemic and still get our permits pulled. Her fee was extremely reasonable and her work has been nothing but top-notch. 
In addition, she’s always open to dialogue and discussion and never seems put off by my questions or inquiries. We’re looking forward to starting construction in the next month and hopefully be able to work with Ruth again in the future during remodel in our main house. She’s been a pleasure to work with and I would gladly do business with her again any day. 
Thanks, Ruth!”
Joe H., Los Angeles Homeowner